Handling and storage

For handling and storage the following instructions have to be followed:

Parcels shorter than 6m may be moved with a forklift.
For parcels longer than 6m the use of a lifting beam and at least 2 belts is requested.
The use of additional wooden breads will avoid that the belts strangle the panels (see picture).
Panels should be stored with a slight slope (min. 5%) allowing possible condensation water flow away and to prevent retention of humidity.
Do not stack more than 3 parcels upon each other.
Preferably store the parcels inside. When panels are stored outside cover them properly; the protective films of the panels may not be exposed to sun radiation.
In all cases the protective films have to be removed within 45 days after delivery.

Cutting the panels to length or passages

The panels can be accommodate on the job site by means of hand-held equipment
For cutting, use a jig saw or a circular saw. Never use a grinder (it would burn the corrosion protective layers).

Lifting and installation of the panels

For the reasons of effectiveness, as well as health and safety, we recommend to use mechanical lifting equipment.

The most convenient way to manipulate a panel is they means of a vacuum lifter. These suction pads avoid to damage the panels … as well as the back of the operator.
In addition, this will allow you to reduce the number of operators. This kind of equipment is available on a daily rental basis. Upon demand, we can provide you with the adequate contact data for the rental adresses.